Tarih: 09/12/2016

Aytaçoğlu; “We are working on a "Smart Health" project that takes into consideration the health problems in everyday life.”

Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Medicine Founding Dean Professor. Dr. Barlas Naim Aytaçoğlu, gave important explanations about “GAU Smart Health, which is one of the most important projects in Kyrenia.


In his explanation, Aytaçoğlu stated that GAU hospital project continues, everything’s fine and the hospital will be opened in 2017.  “We brought forward ‘Smart Health’ program. We work to make this application actual which will guide us in the meaning of healthy life,” he continued in his explanation.


Aytaçoğlu; “We are working on a "Smart Health" project that takes into consideration the health problems in everyday life.”


Aytaçoğlu, by stating that they continue to work on the "Smart Health" project, which takes into consideration the health problems encountered in everyday life; “In our project, we take into consideration the problems of women, pediatrics and nutrition which are the most common health problems in daily life. Apart from that, we will be able to perform daily checks of heart, vascular health and some internal diseases. Although it is more of a policlinic design, it will help our society in the sense of nutrition and especially fitness and will lead a healthy aging path in this sense,” he said.


Aytaçoğlu: Health Village Project will also be executed as a part of ‘Smart Health’ Project.”


“The health village project will be a part of the smart health project. Among them, healthy lifestyle practices, complementary medical practices, etc. will take place alongside the normal medical services of our hospital. A smart health project backed by such complementary therapies will eventually emerge. The Health Village project will carry on a structure that can be visited as well as health care facilities and accommodation that are included in these intelligent health systems, according to our understanding. It’s a style that which serve our people generally by combining with today’s med and taking the tourists to forefront” Aytaçoğlu said lastly

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