Tarih: 10/11/2016

Conference of “The Spirit of July” – which is organized by Young Leaders Club of Girne American University (GAU) -  took part in Millennium Senate Congress Center of GAU with the presentation of congressman of Justice and Development Party İzmir Hamza Dağ.

GAU Rector Dr. Kutsal Öztürk, who executed the opening speech of the conference, extended his thanks to Congressman of Justice and Development Party İzmir Ad. Hamza Dağ and stated that coup attempt on 15th July was stonewalled; with the leaders of political party, association and pride of the Turkish public and with the love of country and flag of the media. Prof. Dr. Öztürk indicated that the coup attempt on 15th July turned into 15th July Democracy Festival with the conservation of the country by Turkish Nation who proved themselves with this feast’s unshakable association. In the Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Öztürk said: “Our grand nation must always protect their guts, pride, sensitivity and humanity with patience. They should be a model with their common sense. An example of democracy had been given to the world. The Republic of Turkey will always exist for peace and freedom. Because it has Supreme Turkish Public who protects it. Sovereignty; unconditionally belongs to the people.

Congressman of Justice and Development Party İzmir Ad. Hamza Dağ stated that a presence which focused on hide itself in 40 years period is hard to extirpate and it’s gonna take time to get rid of it completely. Afterwards, he said these;


“Now I consider that FETÖ lost its organization skills substantially. Our stuggle with FETÖ was running on not only after 15th July, but before. To extirpate A presence which is formed in 40 years may not be easy. There’s a process which goes on  in terms of settlement under the calling of Counsellor of National Intelligence Service. Even after 17-25th December, we couldn’t get enough support in the struggle with FETÖ. If the struggle has started like this in that period, the result now could be more different. We scrambled seriously even if we were lonely after 17-25th December. Eventually, there was a struggle in most of the government’s institution which went on sometimes slow and sometimes fast. And this struggle goes on fastly after 15th July.”

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