New Academic Year of GAU marked by theme “Children & Love”

Tarih: 04/11/2016

Opening Ceremony of 2016-2017 Academic Year was held on October, 26 in International Congress Hall of Girne American University.

GAU’s Chancellor,  Mr Serhat Akpınar,  introduced the 32nd Academic Year of studies and explained the missions of the following year as well as its leading theme: “Children & Love”.

img_5522Mr Serhat Akpınar, has mentioned current achievemnts of GAU institution such as future Artificial Intelligence Conference, University of London programs available for Law, Business & Economics students of GAU, opportunity for MBA students to study in Franklin Pierce University of USA, and International campuses abroad that offer the completion of several semesters to pursue “Global Diploma”. The Chancellor has also shared his aspirations to advance children status within GAU community.

He noticed that this year has been marked wıth the opening of Smarthealth Complex and University Hospital – projects which were also undertaken in order to enhance children’s life in Cyprus.



Quoting an English Author, Lemn Sissay, Mr Serhat Akpınar wisely questioned: “What defines the strength of democracy?” The answer is “how much do we care about children in our society” – he said. How we treat our children is the reflection of our humane qualities and understanding of democracy.


Through acceptance, love, diversity – enabling children to get education, to grow and develop. That is the true freedom of society and the right way of living. GAU strives to make this world better, promising to expand the Love among Children of its broad community.


Honourable Members of GAU Family

img_5533The ceremony followed by the speech of Serdar Denktash, TRNC Prime Minister. With a warm welcome to North Cyprus, he gave precious advice to GAU students from overseas. “Make local friends. Feel the approach of our people toward guests. Go around the country. Try to understand Turkish Cyprus Youth who wish entering the international world but are still isolated from it. Share with them your culture.  Although isolated, Turkish Cypriots are very friendly and make intentions to be a part of the global world”. – S.Denktash said. Universities such as GAU do help to achieve that since they connect international world with local one.

“Enjoy our People. Our country. Our culture. And study” – added TRNC Prime Minister at the end of his speech, inspiring GAU community to achieve new heights in academic activity this year.

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