A Significant Agreement Between GAU and Cyprus Culture and Education Association

Tarih: 12/04/2016

A significant agreement which contain strengthen relationships, doing collaborative work, and cultural cooperation in national and international fields, was signed by Girne American University (GAU) and Cyprus Culture and Education Association (KKED).

In the protocol agreement which was held between GAU and KKED, while the Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar signed on behalf of KKED, Rector Prof. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk signed on behalf of GAU. In accordance with the protocol agreement, within the scope of their correlative relevance, promoting scientific and cultural relationships between two association members, developing existing relationships, conveying experiences to each other was set as a main objective. Parties were aimed to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences in their fields. At the same time both association will make scientific and cultural studies and they will improve the existing studies. They will create mutual projects and they will support each other.


Also, in the statement it was indicated that, they will perform together and they will support each other in promotion activities. Protocol scope and coordination of activities to be carried out  in accordance with the purpose will be held by the people that parties choose.


Mission of the Cyprus Culture and Education Association, to hand down the Cyprus Turkish culture the next generation by preserving its national identity and education, and by helping it to improve its cultural values.


KKED carries on the activities in this direction and they execute academic researches, they organize course, seminar, conference, and panels and they perform preventive activities to preserve and improve the values about Turkish culture creatures and history in Cyprus. In this direction KKED procure all knowledge, record, documents and publications and they publish newspaper, journal, book and bulletin in order to announce their works by creating documentation center.


Besides, KKED undertook the duties like producing social, cultural and economic projects for empowering Cyprus Turkish spirit, making works to make this projects actual and holding their coordination. They will make literary and scientific researching to make allow the examining of Cyprus Turkish culture, history and education and they support this kind of works.


Also, KKED gives material and nonmaterial support to students who win one of the field in our educational institution or who studies postgraduate, talented, and whose family income is low. KKED gives them a nun-refundable grant. Besides, in order to provide a support to national education services in Cyprus and increase the educational institutions’ education level, material, fixture, stationer, and technical tools and equipment assistance are in progress.