Rector Of AUC Turkel Refers That They Support GAU in The Lawsuit Process

Tarih: 14/03/2016


Sister University of Girne American University (GAU), The American University of Cyprus (AUC) Rector Prof. Dr. Asuman Türkel stated that they always support GAU in the implementation of the decision of Supreme Administrative Court.


In the statement of Türkel, it was recorded that they participated in the walk, which was organized in Nicosia for justice, with GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar, his assistants, members of Board of Administrators, GAU Rector and academicians, and as AUC, they give full support to GAU.


Prof. Dr. Asuman Türkel referred that “As is known, justice is a must for a democratic country. Ignoring the law, judgment and the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is a danger that totally betrays the feeling of trust of this country’s people. With its 30-year history, GAU fights for protecting its name and dignity. Implementation of the decisions of Supreme Administrative Court is a necessity in our country and As AUC; we will always support GAU in this justified fight.”