Akpinar Call Ministers For Duty

Tarih: 09/03/2016


While Girne American University (GAU)’s legitimate struggle continues with “Today for Justice” slogan, GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar called ministers for duty in his statement via social media.


While GAU Global Science Family’s legitimate struggle continues with “Today for Justice” slogan because concerned university authorities continue to use the expurgatory name against High Administrative Court’s it can’t be used decision, GAU Founding Rector and The Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar made a statement via social media and invite Minister of Education Kemal Dürüst and Minister of Communications Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu to be brave about perform the decision of the High Administrative Court. He underlined that besides the ministers, who didn’t perform the decision especially President of YODAK, all local governments, Girne Municipality, Publication High Comission, and RTÜK should maintain the same stance. Akpınar said that “in our Legitimate Struggle, in our path with today for justice, our struggle will proceed till the justice is served”. He underlined that, using of the prohibited name by some institutions of the university is as guilty as the people who gives an opportunity.


Akpınar emphasized that Girne American University is a big family with over 16.000 students, academic and administrative and he said that “this struggle is for our all students, staff and all Cyprus community.” Akpınar stated that they were supported by graduates of Girne American University and investors and businessmen of Cyprus. He underlined that he will continue this struggle for this big family and he thanks for everyone.


Akpınar: “GAU is waiting for you to perform High Administrative Court’s Decisions”


Akpınar said these in his statement;


The result that showed up in Ministry of Education’s rectors meeting, the reason for failure to implement the High Administrative Court’s decision is that; Opinion of the prosecution. We can see that it were precluded the implementation of the decision of High Administrative Court with dictums. Our ministry’s duty is perform the decision instead of acting with comments and dictums. Our minister Kemal Dürüst should be brave. Decision and decisions are obvious and clear. Implementation is waited. Our Minister of transportations Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu maintains the same hesitant stance. Administration is in your hands, you are the government, and you are the ones to put a stop to this injustice. GAU is waiting for you to implement the High Administrative Court’s decisions.”

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