GAU Brings Sait Gürsoy Together With Cyprus Youth

Tarih: 09/03/2016

Girne American University, while moving towards its 50th year in higher education, brings young people, who are preparing for the university entrance exam, together with Sait Gürsoy.

With the support of GAU and the Ministry of Education, university candidates, educators and families are meeting with "Towards success with Sait Gürsoy" seminar, which will take place in 4 different centers in TRNC. The first of the seminar series will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 10:00 in GAU Cyprus Campus, on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Nicosia TMK Rauf Denktaş Conference Hall, on Thursday, April 14, 2016 Güzelyurt Municipality AKM Hall and on Friday April 15, 2016 Famagusta Rauf. R. Denktaş Culture and Congress House.


In a statement GAU made on the subject, it was stated that the aim of the seminar, which will be held for high school students, high school graduates, lecturers and parents, will be about the things that should be considered while choosing profession, university and department. It was stated that the road to success will be explained to the university students in the seminar that will be held at four different center of Cyprus by Specialist Educator and Author Sait Gürsoy.


Further, in the statement where it was stated that all people are invited to the seminar that will be held, it was stressed that the transportation of the high schools that made a demand will be provided free by GAU.


Who is Sait Gürsoy?


"Sait Gürsoy was born in 1954; he completed his primary and secondary education at Galatasaray High School, and then graduated from Galatasaray Foreign Languages Academy.


Gürsoy makes education programs on national radio and television channels, makes education authorship in Sabah Newspaper and also prepares and presents the education program named "Towards Success".


Gürsoy, who is one of the leading names in Turkey about high school and university entrance issues, from 1987 to today, helped about 10 thousand university candidate in finding the scoring and placement errors ÖSYM made and has attracted the attention of our educational world."       


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