Tarih: 15/08/2018

Applications are invited from qualified international candidates to the following posts available at the Girne American University and the American University of Cyprus.

The posts advertised as Lecturers are at the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor level. Salary bands will be dependent on the experience, references, publications and academic title. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, and this call will close on 15 August 2018. Applications must be sent via email to:  

REF: LNAC130718

All applicants must include a Cover Letter, an updated CV and contact information of 2 (two) Academic Referees,(a valid academic English certification score (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS ) or similar is also required).


Faculties & Fields

American Studies
Automotive Engineering
Aviation Management
Banking & Finance
Business Management
Chinese Language and Literature
Civil Engineering
Civil Aviation & Cabin Services
Clinical Psychology 
Computer Engineering
Construction Management 
Digital & Social Marketing
Electrical – Electronics Engineering
Emergency Aid and Disaster Management
English Language and Literature
English Language Teaching
English (Common) Law


European and Area Studies
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
Graphic Design
Health Care Management
Industrial Engineering
Interior Architecture
International Business Management
International Relations
Journalism & Broadcasting
Logistics and Transportation
Management Information Systems
Mass Media: Radio, TV & Cinema
Marine Deck & Captain
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine (MD) 
Music Education
Nursing: Anaesthesia Specialist
Nursing: Surgery Specialist
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Theraphy

Performing Arts: Dance
Performing Arts: Drama & Acting
Physical Education & Sports Teaching
Pilotage / Pilot Training 
Plastic Arts
Political Science
Pre-School Teaching
Primary School Teaching
Psychological Counselling
Public Administration
Public Relations
Recreation Management
Robotics Engineering
Social Psychology
Software Engineering
Sports Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Translation and Interpretation
Visual Arts & Fine Arts



Applications are invited from qualified international candidates to the American College. 

The American College is a private ECIS and FEDE member K12 institution composed of nursery, elementary and college situated in Kyrenia and Nicosia in Cyprus.
For more information:

REF : LNGS130718

Available Positions

Nursery (Preschool): Teachers
Nursery (Preschool): Administrators
Nursery (Preschool): Vice Principal
Elementary School: Class Teachers
Elementary School: Administrators
Elementary School: Vice Principal
Elementary School: IT & Computer Teachers
Elementary School: Design & Technology Teachers
Elementary School: French Teachers
Elementary School: German Teachers
Elementary School: English Teachers
Elementary School: Modern & Romance Languages Teachers
Elementary School: Science Teachers
Elementary School: Geography Teachers
College: Years 6-12 – Maths Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – English & Literature Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – History Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Geography Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Physics Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Chemistry Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Biology Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Psychology Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Sociology Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Economics Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Statistics Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – ICT/IT Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Mechanics Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Business Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Child Development Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Art & Design Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – French Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – German Teachers*
College: Years 6-12 – Modern & Romance Language Teachers*
College: Administrators

*(IGCSE/IB/A Level)