İngiliz Dili Öğretimi (ELT-MA)


The Name of the Graduate School

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Program Type

MA Degree

Field of Study

English Language Teaching



The program prepares language educators to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to children, adoloscents and/or adults.  Students prusuing Masters in the English Language Teaching Department are prepared to:

- Possess knowledge of second language acquisition, English linguistics and of the socio-cultural contexts in which English is learned as an additional language;
- Demonstrate understanding of concepts, theories, research, and practice relating to language acquisition,
- Apply effective methods, practices, and strategies based on second language acquisition theories and research to plan, implement, and manage ESL/EFL and content instruction;
- Conduct assessments of EFL students to plan responsive curriculum and instruction;
- Identify and implement curriculum theories and practicies relevant to human development and learning;
- Be well grounded in current trends and research in EFL and ESL, and be able to conduct research.

The program features well qualified faculty members whose expertise includes curriculum design, language testing and assessment, materials development, second language acquisition and English as an international language.  Also, these faculty have extensive practical experience designing and teaching ESL/EFL internationally including the United States.  Graduates of MA program in English Language Teaching Department may also continue on to pursue doctoral degrees at any program overseas.

Students who receive MA degree in ELT can teach English in private or public schools or in English Preparatory Schools of the universities.  They can take responsibilities as translators in private sectors. MA degree in ELT provides an opportunity for the students to contine their PhD studies which will qualify them to become an instructor in the ELT departments of any higher education.