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Girne American University is an English Medium higher institution and Foundation English School (FES) is a unit within the academic structure of the Girne American University. The main aim of Foundation English School is to provide General English Language and English for Academic Purposes courses to newly admitted GAU students who are not at the required English language proficiency levels to start Faculty degree courses.


The medium of instruction at Girne American University is English language. The students who are admitted to the institution are required to be at B1 level in order to be able to follow the Faculty courses. English language courses provided at FES help students build a strong English language foundation for their future success at the Faculty. To this end, General English language and Study Skills courses are delivered to newly admitted students who are not at the required English language proficiency level. The class sizes vary between 35-40 students. Students who successfully complete Foundation English School Education guarantees their future academic success. Last but not least, each student who completes Foundation English School language program successfully is provided with an English Language Pearson EDEXCEL certificate which is internationally recognized

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Program Design

FES offers an intensive English Language and study skills program to enable students to cope with the demands of the undergraduate and graduate studies. The intensive English language courses at FES is designed to help students achieve B1 Level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) proficiency in English language. The program has three levels of instruction, correlated with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and focuses on developing students’ language skills in general through an integrated skill curriculum, which fosters active and independent learning. Each level consists of a total of 244 hours (One Semester) face-to-face English language instruction. It is also essential for the students to allocate one hour for online activites, two hours for self-study and two hours for assignments and homework each week. The class sizes vary between 35-40 stuents.

FES English language program ranges from A1 to B1 English Language proficiency levels correlated with the CEFRL scale. FES students are placed into three English language levels as A1/A2 (Breakthrough Waysstage), A2 (Waysstage), and B1 (threshold) in line with their placement exam scores. The length of each course is one semester. The students must complete each level successfully in order to be able to proceed to the next level. At the end of B1 level, students have to pass an English proficiency test in order to proceed to Faculty.




All the English language learning, teaching, and assessment procedures at FES are guided by a high standard curriculum which has been mapped  to Common European Framework of Reference to Languages (CEFR).  CEFR provides an international, high quality framework for teaching foreign languages and it is a guideline in each step of language teaching and learning, syllabus design, textbooks, as well as assessment processes.   CEFRL provides a comprehensive, transparent and coherent framework for all the English learning, teaching and assessment processes at FES and accordingly FES has adopted a learner-centered and action oriented approach to language learning and teaching.