About this Program

Our Vision:


Our Vision is to adopt dynamic, innovative, research and science-based modern medical practices in nursing and midwifery education; to become a leader in education, research and health service delivery and to be a nationally and internationally acknowledged Nursing School.



Our Mission:


Our Mission is to educate and train Nurses and Midwives with the following qualities: 

Adhering to human values, having high caliber knowledge and skills, knowing the ways of accessing information, applying current diagnosis and treatment methods; able to communicate well with healthcare professionals and patients; Ethical awareness; able to work as a team, knowing the society in which they live; closely following the developments in science; capable of providing quality health services to the community at the highest standards.


Our Aims and Targets:


The aim of our School with a 4 year undergraduate education program is for the students to acquire the followıng transferable skills:

. To evaluate a person as a whole,

. To be sensitive towards the health problems of his or her country and humanity,

. To develop inquisitive, investigative, creative, participatory leadership skills,

. To develop effective communication, problem solving, critical thinking skills and team awareness,

. To be able to determine the midwifery and nursing care needs of healthy or sick individuals in every environment; to plan, implement and evaluate the midwifery and nursing care necessary to meet these needs,

. To be able to take a role in midwifery and nursing education, management and research,

. To have strong ethical values,


In addition, our Aim is also to train professional midwives and nurses who can sustain their individual development through lifelong learning.


Career Opportunities: Those who successfully complete the nursing undergraduate program;


Can be employed as "nurses" in institutions such as "health centers, hospitals, clinics, outpatient service and treatment units, university hospitals or health services"; as well as in both private and public schools and industrial institutions in protective, therapeutic and rehabilitative capacity. They can pursue an academic career by completing their master's and PhD.  In addition, the graduates can be managers of nursing services in private or public health institutions. 



 Our school, which includes the departments of Nursing and Midwifery, has adopted the principle of contributing to the contemporary society with a perfectionist education and training approach based on research in health services, cultural and social fields. The School of Nursing aims to train conscientious nurses and midwives who can always question their students and express themselves easily in the 21st century healthcare world, which has become technologically versatile, with a multidisciplinary approach adopted with a broad-based, practice-oriented and innovative curriculum.  Surgeon, Mr. Osman Özpar Head of School of Nursing ...