GAU was founded in 1985 and has grown from its small beginnings with just seven students to being the 20,000 strong university that it is today 33 years later.  From its very inception, GAU has maintained close contractual ties with universities in North America and Europe.  GAU was one of the first university in Cyprus to receive recognition from YOK (Turkish Higher Education Council). This was followed by recognition from YODAK (Higher Education Council of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).  These required national accreditations were followed by a number of program accreditations and international recognitions.  This year is our 33th graduation ceremony that will occur in June of 2018 when more than 1500 graduates will earn their degrees and go on to advanced studies or to excellent jobs in Europe, the region and the World.


In 1995 GAU started its expansion into the international higher education sector.  Since then educational partnerships have been developed in India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, the USA, the UK, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Moldova.  These partnerships include student and faculty exchanges and the opportunity for students to experience different cultures and learning experiences.


The initial vision of the founders was to establish GAU as the pre-eminent institution of higher learning for the professions.  The university now includes degree offerings in Business and Economics, Politics, Health Sciences, Engineering, Communication, Humanities, Law, Pharmacy, Education, Architecture, Aviation, Marine, Nursing, Sports, Performing Arts and Tourism.


While heading towards the 50th year, GAU, throughout its 33 years of development the management, faculty and staff of the university have balanced the requirements for growth, with the need for high levels of quality, both in teaching and in the overall experience of each student. 


Throughout its 33 year history, GAU has sought to optimize its use of the latest in technology and teaching methods.  While we have one of the highest Ph.D. to student ratios, we also have the highest computer to student ratio.  For the past five years the GAU library has been at the forefront of the revolution in library science; the implementation of digital library resources.  Many classes now include Power Point presentations and MP-4 download versions of the lectures.  The entire campus and all dormitories have Wi-Fi throughout.  GAU TV and Radio also broadcast selected lectures and seminars for student and faculty viewing. 


GAU is continuing its global activities at an incredible pace today in light of its founding mission. As a member of the Universal Education Group and the American Education Consortium, GAU is moving firmly in achieving its targets while heading towards it’s 50th year in education.


The future is indeed bright.