Changes in Life: like new friends, new challenges, new environment, new expectations can give birth to new problems, but at times they open new doors for growth and maturation.

These changes are particularly fast moving at university. If students are at reaching their career and personal potential, they will have to cope and fight back with many situations. Amongst these are; adapting to university life, developing self-esteem, becoming aware of responsibilities and accepting these; coping with stress and time pressure; adapting to changes within the family are some.

You probably have friends or people you can trust to help you find solutions to these problems. However, sometimes when we face a problem or a ‘crisis’ we may need someone who can see and provide objective support to help us evaluate our emotions, expectations and options.

Our Centre

…is not a place of giving ready prepared prescriptions or providing one directional advice. The opposite, our students and psychologists sit together in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to arrange a plan for solving and overcoming difficulties. Some individuals may resolve issues in one consultation, whereas some will attend couple of weeks or even a longer period.

Do I Need To See A Counselor?

Many people sort out their problems by talking to family and friends. For others, it is a matter of looking up information about things that concern them on the internet, books; self-help resources. There are however, times we may feel that this is not enough and you really feel like you need to speak to someone; at times like this it makes sense to visit the Counseling Centre.

Who is The Centre For?

The Counseling service is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for all staff free of charge. Individuals outside the university can also seek help from the Counseling Centre for a fee which will be discussed individually.

What Are The Aims of Counseling Centre?

The main aim of the counseling service is to provide a caring, respectful, professional and confidential and free service to our students and staff. This is achieved through one-to-one support enabling student’s to reach academic potential and prevent further troubling issues.

How Long Does Therapy Last?

Counseling sessions last approximately 50 minutes, however depending on the situation sessions can be shorter or longer. Single consultations are also arranged where individual’s might only require the opportunity to seek professional opinion and guidance about matter’s that are troubling them.

After the first meeting, if you want further individual counseling, this can be arranged according to what you and your counselor feels appropriate. Decisions about the process and duration of sessions are made jointly between you and your counselor.

Appointment and Cancelations

Once you have read and understood the information above, you can complete a ‘Pre-Counselling Form’ which you can pick from the Psychology Department or The Medical Centre. You return the form to the Medical Centre or the psychologist you have arranged to meet with. You will then arrange your first session with the psychologist.

If you are unable to attend an appointment, it will be your responsibility to inform the counselling service as soon as possible. The missed appointments and late cancellations will count as a session.

All information you provide will remain confidential within the counselling centre and will not be shared by third person without your consent and approval.

Counselling is also available for individuals who are not GAU students or staff; however there will be a charge per session. More information can be obtained from the psychologists practicing at the counselling centre.


¨ want to know yourself better and develop your personality

¨ feel unhappy about conflicts within the family or among your friends

¨ want more self-confidence

¨ feel lost or isolated and lonely

¨ are finding it difficult to express your emotions

¨ are finding it difficult to reach your academic goals

¨ have difficulty with, or feel confused about social and sexual identity

¨ are finding it impossible to overcome the stress university brings

¨ would like to talk to someone who understands you

¨ have no problem at the moment, but consider the potential problems you might face or are afraid of facing and want to be prepared…


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