Word Mediators Coming Together For Sustainable Peace in GAU

Word Mediators Coming Together For Sustainable Peace in GAU

In 2014-2015 academic year, which is celebrating by GAU as 30th anniversary of foundation, hosts Word Mediators for sustainable Peace.

“Sustainable Peace and Business Symposium” to be held in GAU on 27-28 of February.

In the statement made by GAU Istanbul Campus, it was specified that United Nations ‘’Global Compact Partner’’ WMO - World Mediation Organization supports to make 4 or 5 symposium in different countries of the world every year. In this context, 4th Sustainable Peace and Business Symposium which is prepared by WMO - World Mediation Organization will be made on 27-28 February in GAU Istanbul Campus.


Business people and International Mediators are discussing on the same platform.

According in the statement made by the organizing committee, it is specified that they aim to provide exchange of ideas related the studies to be performed jointly by bringing together business people and international mediators. While promoting business people about the becoming an international mediators, the awareness will be submitted to mediators for performing ‘’Global Compacts’’ spokesman of counseling with a new and different role business life as well. In the statement, it is also specified that they aim to increase awareness of ‘’Global Compact’’ and to pave the way for more efficient and effective projects with the synergy created by gathering the mediators which have taken or ready to take responsibility and business people together.

In addition, with the assumption of the peace process handles from outside to inside and from inside to outside, while it is stated that the internal peace of the companies would impact regional pace, sustainable prosperity, peace of business life and sustainable development, it is also specified that business people provide economic contribution to society and assumes responsibility towards society at the same time.