Globalization has caused the aviation sector to enter a period of rapid change and development, with technology and communication transforming the world. During this process, the share of air transportation in the transportation sector has steadily increased. Economic data indicates that employment and growth figures in the aviation sector will continue to rise.

Alongside competition in the aviation industry, the high demand for flight safety and security and the need to ensure sustainable growth and development have deepened the necessity for a well-trained, qualified workforce through effective education and training infrastructure.

The rapid and intense technological development and the effects it has on transportation and communication, the constantly increasing number of passengers, and a highly dynamic and competitive market and industry environment create a unique sector of internal and external competition. This dynamic environment increases the need for qualified human resources suitable for the industry, requiring both theoretical and practical aviation education. While globalization gives dimension to this need, countries without adequate facilities are evaluated as having a greater need for education.

The GAU Aviation School programs aim to fill this gap and plan to effectively offer these opportunities, particularly to students from developing countries. Within the scope of the multidimensionality of aviation sector needs, GAU Aviation School has been implementing activities to increase and develop global and local aviation awareness and to train qualified human resources that the developing aviation sector needs since 2005.

With the relative advantage of its international identity covering three continents and its multicultural dimension in addition to the experience brought by the process, GAU University enriches unique GAU Aviation School programs, which overlap with the needs of the aviation industry and managements, with a multidimensional education and training environment and flight training programs. The goal is to offer qualified human resources in high demand to the international aviation sector.

In this context, GAU has determined to take a prominent place in the world regarding aviation with the vision of "Working Together with the World" in the field of "Aviation" within the scope of the goal of training "Qualified Human Resources" through the "Synergy" of the multidimensional and multicultural platform created with "Strategic Cooperation" and "Coordinated Sharing" among the state, university and aviation sector. GAU has also set the mission of training "high" human resources with free thinking, self-confidence, management qualities and unique equipment for the "Aviation Sector."

The aviation sector, which exhibits a high added value compared to other branches within the multifaceted economic and technical equipment of the 21st century, requires a multidimensional theoretical and practical education and training approach.