Our mission is to facilitate effective and high quality health services and support the recognition and development of community health with its high standard of educational programmes and scientific research projects.

The Mission of the Girne American University, Faculty of Pharmacy is to graduate qualified Pharmacists who are experts in the field of medicines and pharmacotherapy, and Pharmaceutical Scientists who are actively involved starting from the discovery and development of drugs. The Academic Staff aims and oversee that the graduates should be trained with the principles and ethical concepts of the Pharmacy Profession and equipped with a high-level international competency framework to serve as primary care health advisors in the community. 

Student Pharmacists practice in a variety of settings by being exposed to realistic practical knowledge that is acquired from classwork combined with skills training, to ensure that they are prepared to become competent Pharmacists. Besides, they possess analytical and critical thinking abilities and are ready to work effectively and efficiently as a team member within the scope of Cognitive Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Public Health.