Dean's Message

The Faculty of Education was established in academic year 1997/1998 under the name of
“Faculty of Humanities”. The Faculty was organised in two programmes as “English Language Teaching” and “Turkish Language & Literature Teaching” designed for teacher education in language and literature to meet the demand for teachers in Turkey and the TRNC.

Since the beginning of academic year 1998/1999, the Faculty has concentrated fully on
teacher education and accepted the programmes designed and developed by the committees established for the National Education Development Project under the coordination of the Higher Education Council in Turkey (YÖK), The World Bank and the Turkish Ministry of Education.

One year later, at the beginning of academic year 1999/2000, the Faculty changed its name to “Faculty of Education”. The Faculty of Education offers  teacher training programmes in its six departments (English Language Teaching, Turkish Language & Literature Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching, Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Psychological Counselling).

The language of instruction in the departments of Turkish Language and Literature Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching, Early Childhood Education and Guidance and Psychological Counselling is Turkish. Preparatory English Classes are compulsory for students willing to receive education in English medium departments  unless they pass the proficiency exam.

The overall institutional objective of the faculty is that graduates will have teaching
competencies in their particular fields by being  furnished with the general and specific
knowledge, methods, techniques and skills of contemporary teaching to fit the scientific
and technical development of the world in the third millennium.

Improving the skills of the students in the fields of reaching, being particular about, arranging, developing, applying and presenting information has gained importance in the 21 Century as scientific information is advancing rapidly. Therefore methods and techniques addressing intelligent tutoring like small group activities, projects, computer-assisted instruction as well as presentation methods and techniques are given place in the education and training process of our departments. Additionally endowments of our students are facilitated in the free and creative environment maintained by the university by means of cultural and sporting activities and close relationships established with the academic staff.

The graduates of our faculty can be assigned to several posts including administrative ones as well as teaching by the Ministry of Education as they are equipped with competent teaching knowledge and skills. Additionally they are able to take office at many private agencies and institutes related to the field of their diploma. They are also able to establish their own business.

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Prof. Dr. Nesrin Kale

Dean of Faculty of Education
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