Re-Sit Examination Announcement and It’s Principles



Re-Sit Examination Announcement and It’s Principles

  1. GAU Students studying at associate and bachelor degree (B.A. and BSc) programs have the right to enter the make-up examinations of the subjects with the F grades they have received in the 2020 Spring Term.  
  2. Those students with Withdrawn “W” shall not be allowed to enter the above mentioned make-up examinations.
  3. No make-up examination will be held for the project-based courses, practical courses, workshops and studios and for the courses with no written final examinations.
  4. The grade received from the make-up exams shall be replaced with the final grade only, and not the general grade for the course.
  5. No additional right shall be given to those students who did not enter the make-up examinations with any excuse and they shall be considered to fail the course.
  6. The courses to be considered successful as the result of make-up exams shall be indicated in the student transcripts separately.
  7. The make-up exam applications should be made between 5th of February – 9th of February  2021  Can be made via the Internet. (Online Application Form  No late applications will be accepted.
  8. The make-up examinations will be held between 10th February to 12th February  2021.

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