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Message from the Vice Chancellor

In 1985, the conditions were not convenient for establishing a university; the idea was even considered impossible!Yet, our founding Rector Serhat Akpınar’s vision made the impossible possible when he established the Girne American University (GAU), which has now seen 30 years of success.


During its 10th year, I was aponintted as the Director of Student Affairs and Marketing at the new campus in Karaoğlanoğlu.  I clearly remember the statistics and the joy when we reached to 600 students. We were providing an education for the future of our youth. We were proud.  At the time, we were located in today’s Rectorate and Humanities Faculty buildings, and we had aimed to reach 2,000 students, then 5,000.  After meeting these goals in 2004, our strategic plan for the next ten years focused on internationalization and student satisfaction, and we aimed for enrolling 15,000 students in the year 2015. Today, we have reached over 13,000 students.  As the 2015-2016 Academic Year approaches, we wait in pride and hope to see our newest goals met.


Our Internationalization project for the middle term will reach its goal when we open our Moldovan Campus,  which will be our newest addition to the current England, USA, Hong Kong and Turkey campuses.  Many GAU students are benefiting from the dual degree programs provided by our generic campuses in Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and India. Currently, GAU family includes over 13,000 students and more than 500 academicians from almost 100 countries today, our strategic plan for the next ten years is to reach up to 20,000 students from over 200 countries.


Being the first university of the TRNC and after recently celebrating our 30th year in education, GAU pursues and leads in the development of the educational sector in our global market. Our recognition in the international higher education sector is increasing. In the academic world, we are becoming well known based on our quality, educational life and through our social projects. Located on the island of Cyprus, with its contrast of nature and the campus’s contemporary infrastructure, GAU is a paradise and the most preferable environment for academic studies.  GAU is also appreciated for its educational programs and the scope of individuals from various backgrounds of professional experience.


Having been established 30 years ago with only one faculty, GAU is now providing educational institutions on 3 continents with 5 campuses, 9 faculties, 7 schools, 2 institutes and with a total of over 150 educational degree programs. Furthermore, our upcoming mission is to expand and develop the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry.


The previous academic year was declared the year of “Environment and Nature.”During this time, we contributed to numerous social projects for our environment and nature. We announced the 2014-2015 Academic Year as the year of “Peace and Health. ”As part of our plan, the two concepts as a whole will contribute to the sciences, social awareness and responsibility, education and public works. Without health,there is no peace; and without peace, there is no hope for good health.


Peace is currently a concept that both the world and Cyprus must embrace. We ask for peace for the sake of our world, our region and our country. We wish that the disorder in our neighboring countries will soon end, and we must work that much harder to sustain the peaceful environment in which we are in now. Cypriot Turks know well and contribute to the world famous motto of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who stated, “Peace at Home, Peace in the World.” We, as the GAU family, are planning various humanitarian projects to support our vision.


We have no doubt that you, the youth, as our future, will find a family-like environment, peace and health, academic success and joyful days at Girne American University.  Our home is your home. We are fully aware that any contribution towards peace, with you by our side, our endeavors will benefit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the mainland Turkey and will also be a model for other countries in the world. We welcome our 30th year with prosperity and awareness towards peace and good health. We will continue our mission to stabilize Girne American University amongst the world universities and furthermore to carry her to the peak, as together with you, we will build the upcoming years with high self-esteem and create an expanded vision toward a globally peaceful generation.


On behalf of the GAU family who develops contemporary applications to reach its aimed goals and who provides modern educational services for its students, I hereby share my honored tribute for our 30th year and wish our university many more years of success.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi



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