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Academic Freedoms Declaration

Girne American University’s
Declaration of Academic Freedoms


Mindful of the role the International Society has entrusted to the Universities in betterment of the common good, advancement and dissemination of values that shape and foster the human dignity, freedoms and justice for the betterment of the human civilization as a whole, the Girne American University (“University”) Board of Trustees, University Senate, Executive Board, Faculty and Staff jointly take responsibility for assuring the fullest protection of freedoms in its community’s conduct of inquiry, scholarly and artistic expression, and other forms of conduct in their pursuit of truth and production of knowledge;

Recognizing and Reaffirming to the principles articulated in the UNESCO World Conference of Higher Education in 2009, as well as the Preamble and Bylaws of the International Association of Universities, Girne American University takes it upon itself to the emphasize the importance of these academic freedoms in commemoration of University’s 30th year of founding;

Therefore articulates University’s main academic freedoms and obligations as follows:

1. All university community members who are engaged in the practice of dissemination of knowledge, are entitled to freedom in the conduct of their teaching, research, publication, discussion and interpretation in their production of knowledge and in facilitation of learning,
2. The faculty members, administration and staff-at-large at the University are responsible for the protection of academic freedoms of each member of the University in their artistic or scholarly expression of his or her opinion, free from ideological pressure, and that their jobs shall never be in jeopardy because of their political views,
3. University does not and shall not attempt to influence, control or manipulate individual opinion(s) or the public expression of that opinion(s) of any member of the University community,
4. Right to academic freedom carries with it the duty to use that freedom to reflect highest ethical values, as well as commitment to excellence, innovation, teaching and research at an individual level and in a collaborative spirit of one’s profession,
5. University respects the expression of opinion and choice of association by its members in their private civic capacity,
6. University recognizes its active role in safeguarding these freedoms through clear and continuous communication of ethical obligations and responsibilities of the university community.


(January 2015)