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Student Clubs

Student Clubs in Girne American University are organized and run by students with advisor instructors assigned to assist and mentor the students as well as teach the skills for certain activities.

The purpose of the club system is to allow people with similar interests in arts, crafts, recreational activities and academics to get together and to share experiences and knowledge at the same time diversifying and improving the social life of the students involved and the university in general.

For many clubs mentors and instructors are assigned either from within or even from outside the university to help students learn skills related to their interests like dance, photography, playing a specific music instrument, or learning the techniques of mimics, intonations and stage performance for the theatre.

The university provides facilities, transportation and equipment required to ensure the normal operation of the club, however the specific activities and the general direction of club development is reserved to the students in the club body.

Independence and responsibility, ability to plan, organize and make the club activities attractive are the primary mission and the responsibility of the club presidents elected from among the students.

All club presidents meet at the Inter-Club Council once a week to coordinate club activities.

Supervising teachers are either mentors guiding the clubs and offering their experience and skills to assist students to get the club running smoothly, or they also teach specific skills sought by the students in the club.

Enthusiasts wishing to establish their own club are invited to do so with an easy procedure of club creation. Any group of people sharing the same interest and wishing to organize into a club only needs to approach the Student Services with a brief mission statement of the club and a list of ten people willing to participate, will be given a possibility to schedule and announce the first official meeting of the club members a conference facility or a meeting room will be provided by the university and after the first official meeting is held and the president of the club is elected the club will be added to the list of the existing clubs in the university. It is important to note that the mission statement of the club doesn’t have to be overloaded with details, it only needs to be specific.

Student Services reserve the right to assign an instructor to overview and mentor the club or to require more details about the aims and purposes of the club before giving the final approval to schedule and hold the first meeting.

The list of clubs currently active is as follows:

GAU American College GAU Research Marine GAU SEM GAU Marine GAU INTEB