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Dormitory Registration Requirements

Dormitory Registration Requirements:

New registered students are highly recommended to stay at the university accommodation for the first year of their studies.


Different dormitory options are available and price range between 1,650 Euro – 4,150 Euro per academic year of 2 semesters (Fall and Spring Semesters only). Please note that 5% VAT will be added to the dormitory fee.


Apart from the dormitory fee; a dormitory deposit of 500 Euro is also required.  The dormitory deposit will be refunded back to the student’s account at the end of the year provided that the student has stayed at the university accommodation for the WHOLE year and if no damages have been caused to the dormitory property. The dormitory deposit will be not refunded if the student decides to postpone their studies for the next semester.


Students are responsible for staying at the university accommodation for the WHOLE academic year.  In case of early leave, students will lose their deposit and will be required to pay any outstanding dormitory fees for the remainder of the year.


In order to reserve a place at the university accommodation, prospective students should please fill in the below Dormitory Application Form and send it to the International Students Admissions office (firuza@gau.edu.tr or intstudent@gau.edu.tr


A part-payment of the dormitory deposit and dormitory fee is required in order to secure a place in the dormitory. This part-payment forms part of the non-refundable deposit that will be requested in a prospective student’s Provisional Acceptance Letter. On receipt of this part-payment the dormitory option will be confirmed by the International Admissions Office. Any remaining dormitory fees should be paid by the student before registration at the university.


The University will endeavor at all times to place a student in their preferred room choice. However, please note that room options chosen are not guaranteed and is subject to availability.


Upon arrival to the dormitory; students will be required to show and/or provide the following documents to the Dormitory Manager:


-      Copy of official Acceptance Letter

-      Copy of Dormitory Application Form

-      Passport and copy of passport

-      Copy of medical report

-      2 Passport Photographs


In the dormitory reception, students will be asked to fill the Dormitory Entrance Form and sign an agreement to show they understand the rules and regulations of the university dormitories and that they are required to stay at the dormitory for an academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).


Upon completion of the one academic year of stay at the university accommodation, a student will need to fill the Dormitory Leave Form (to be provided by the Dormitory management).  This form should then be taken to the Accounts Office. Unless the form is received by the accounts office; the dormitory deposit will not be refunded to the student’s tuition account.


Important notice:      

  • Electricity and water bills are to be paid on a monthly basis. Laundry services and other services are to be charged as applicable.
  • Bed sheets, pillow(s), blankets etc. are to be provided by the student.


For more information email : infostudent@gau.edu.tr