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Stage School

Dance is an art from that crosses the barriers of language and brings people together in a celebration of life and therefore has meaning for us all, young and old. Our combined role, as a provider of dance teaching provides opportunities to enrich the lives of young people through dance education and training.

At whatever age or stage, anyone with an appreciation of dance is able to participate in the work of the Stage School.

Enrol at our dance school and benefit from being taught by highly experienced Academy teachers. Classes are held at our state of the art dance studios and are designed to encourage creativity, discipline and independent thinking. At Girne American Stage School there are lots of ways for you to learn and appreciate dance. stage 2

Our dance programmes offer a wide range of classes, for young people aged 3 to adults six days a week. So whether you are already taking classes and want to develop your technique and skills further, or are new to dance and looking for a fun way to get fit, we have the class to suit your ability.

The GAU Stage School has four purpose built studios within the GAU Campus.
Studio Facilities

Changing Rooms
Multi Media Room
Viewing lounge

stage schoolGAU Stage School was officially opened in the summer of 2008.
Professional dancers, teachers and performers from Turkey, Russia and T.R.N.C. run workshops and classes. Street style dances such as old style locking – popping, new style hip-hop-clowning-krumping,regatton-house dance-breakdance and latin is taught by Galip Emre. Ballet and hip-hop for younger students is taught by Lilia Biroğul. Suzan Erkan teaches Yoga, Repertory and Contemporary Dance. Advanced Ballet and Latin is taught by Oleg Manukovich and Belly Dancing by Alexandra Faraç.

The main aim of Stage School is to provide a wide range of dance for students of all abilities and to encourage students in self expression.